More On My Co-Presidency

So, it’s been almost five months since I have begun my position as co-president of OU’s French Club. So far, it’s been nothing if not interesting. Between finding interesting topics for meetings, budget mishaps, deadlines missed by my (our) predecessor, and an inconsistent membership base; it can sometimes be hard to remember that I chose to do this because I love French Club. Common knowledge upholds the idea that once something you were going to do anyway becomes a chore, you lose interest and motivation. Thankfully, that has yet to happen in this regard, but I can feel my enthusiasm waning with each new meeting with a group attendance below ten.

Fortunately, those who do attend club meetings are very positive, curious people who are always willing to follow along to whatever experimental idea my three presidential peers and myself have concocted for that particular week. Thus far we have attempted group-reading French children’s books, French slang lessons presented by our wonderful French exchange members, and en-masse discussions of French culture. Most people, one can assume, would question the practicality of leaving four underclassmen in charge of a university-sponsored program with little to no oversight, but we have taken all that has been thrown at us so far including being excluded from university funding, having only one leader with a considerable knowledge of our associated language, and even having to find an emergency replacement to fill our faculty liaison position. However, j’adore mon club et sa spontanéité.

*Rien n’est jamais parfait.*

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